Developing Corporate Behavior Online Course

Developing Corporate Behavior Online Course

Corporate behavior is an important aspect of any business. The right behavior can cause your company to sky rocket with effective productivity and reputation. Poor behavior can cause a company’s productivity and reputation to plummet. There are many different ways to influence a corporate behavior change, but the first step is to understand what behavior is.

See the description below for a layout of what material is covered by this Developing Corporate Behavior Online Course.

Included in this course:

  • Online access to the Developing Corporate Behavior course
  • Quizzes & Grading for each module
  • Certificate of Completion when all modules have been passed

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  • Description


With the Affektiv Developing Corporate Behavior Online Course, you will be given month to month access via the Affektiv Online Learning Management System to the course. The Developing Corporate Behavior course consists of a number of modules which are made up of reading material, slideshows, quizzes and games.

By the end of the Developing Corporate Behavior Online Course you will have learnt the following:

  • Module 1: Getting Started
  • Module 2: The Science of Behavior
  • Module 3: Benefits for Corporate Behavior
  • Module 4: Most Common Categories of Corporate Behavior
  • Module 5: Managerial Structure
  • Module 6: Company Values and Ethics
  • Module 7: Employee Accountability
  • Module 8: Workplace Incidents
  • Module 9: Designing and Implementing
  • Module 10: Corporate Team Behavior
  • Module 11: Auditing Corporate Behavior
  • Module 12: Wrapping Up